Who's who

Nursery -  Mrs Douglas (Head of Early Years Foundation Stage) 
                 Mrs Hillary (HLTA) 
                 Mrs Ord (Teaching Assistant) 
Reception - Mrs Tordoff (Teacher) 
                   Miss Mills 
Year 1  -   Miss Caldwell (Teacher)
                Miss Doyle  (Teaching Assistant) 
Year 2  -  Mrs Walton (Assistant Headteacher/SENCo) 
                Miss Robertson (Teaching Assistant) 
Year 3  -  Miss Osborn  (Teacher) 
Year 4   -    Miss Thornton (Teacher) 
                    Miss Nicholls (Teaching Assistant) 
Rainbow Room - Mrs Guy (HLTA, ELSE and TRIVE trained. Anti Bullying)
Office Manager  - Mrs Cook 
Kitchen Staff - Mrs Shell and Mrs Belisle